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The Rise of the 1099 Economy: 1099 Lifestyle

Ready to take your life to the next level?

tired of waiting on a paycheck?

No free time in the morning to spend with your family?

No time to vacation?

Ready to break out of the financial cap placed over you by a JOB?

Laid off? Fired?Ready to take your life in your own hands.

with over 58 tax write offs, 29 1099 opportunities and techniques to structure your business.

Possibility to make 100-300 dollars a day bringing you to 109,000 a year income.

Ways to invest income through automation.

Apps to use to invest through automation

Investing in Real estate in as little as $1000-$5000 dollars.

If you are leaving college and getting no where "job" hunting, do not move in with your parents. Here is a way to create your future to be opposite of your peers.

Tired of your office and ready to build multiple streams of income.

Build up your side hustle to be able to spend your time like you want.

6 MP4 and 2 PDF
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